Borderlands 2 Doomsday Trailer

Check out the Borderlands 2 Doomsday Trailer via Gamespot: If that doesn’t scream FIRST DAY BUY, then you better question yourself. Borderlands 2 promises more guns, more craziness and more […]

Borderlands 2 announced!

Just hours after we posted that Borderlands 2 is indeed in development, 2K Games has made it official today by announcing Borderlands 2! Borderlands 2 will be released on PC, […]

Borderlands 2 confirmed?


Yes, Borderlands 2 is in development at Gearbox Software according to an unnamed source by EuroGamer at developer Gearbox Software. Eurogamer also reports that Borderlands publisher 2K Games will be […]

Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

Duke Nukem is really back and is currently in development at Borderlands creators Gearbox Software. From Vaporware to actual software, the new Duke Nuke looks modern yet plays and sounds […]