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Dragon Nest Fast Leveling Guide 18-24 by fataly1

Check out this Dragon Nest Fast Fast Leveling Guide for levels 18 to 24 by user fataly1 over the MMOSITE Dragon Nest FOrums:

NOTE: Check out the Fast Leveling Guide for Level 1-20 over at

This is a somewhat known Dragon Nest level up trick to quickly get from level 18 to 24, but I don’t see many people publicly announcing it or anything. So I wanted to post a guide to show everyone, including the newbies, on how to level up really fast from as little as 18 till 24! This little trick I have is called speed running. Speed running, is basically completing the dungeon as fast as you can without picking up anything (to get as much exp/min as possible). You can get around 50k exp every 3-4 minutes! That’s pretty good exp! Lets get started..

So to begin, I might as well tell you what we are going to run yes? Yes… We are going to do Astral Coven Laboratory. Why? Astral Coven Laboratory is easily one of the easiest places to clear super fast no matter what difficult you are in even as solo! You will be running this dungeon on master solo( abyss takes too long to sol with level 16 eq). Before we say discuss this any further, I would like to set some Recommendations before you do this

Recommendations :
1) Have a Health pool of 4k or higher.
2)Know how to dodge (so you don’t get slowed by hits from spider web attack!)
3) Have an magic or physical attack(depends on class) of 400 or higher(so you kill things somewhat efficiently)
4)Do all the commissions for Astral Coven Laboratory first. (You need to do it all in order to unlock the master commission)
5)Be prepared to grind for a while…

note: these are just recommendations… You can do it at with 50 attack or w/e if you really wanted to or w/e but don’t expect to level fast.

Okay, if you have all those then you should be ready to do Astral Coven! If you don’t know where Astral Coven is then i’ll tell you.. Heading out of Caderock pass, go crystal stream valley and go to the bridge and take a right to the portal. After loading page, keep going straight and that portal takes you there! (watch out that you don’t do orc camp lmao).

Before I start, some of you might be wondering why do Astral Coven Laboratory run instead of (insert name of dungeon here). Like i said earlier, Astral Coven is fastest to clear in the least amount of time. You get 19k exp from quest and around 30k from doing the whole dungeon itself. It can easily be done in 3-4 minutes, and drops are somewhat good. ( only get onyx)

Now that I have that clear lets get started!
1) Get the  master commission for Astral Coven Laboratory

( I put that picture so you can see how much exp you get exactly

2)) Enter dungeon on Master difficulty

3) Only kill big spiders  in order to advance through portals (Kill them like it’s your life! Only pick up the crude onyx if you have to /want to )

4)Get to boss and kill kill kill him ASAP. Forget about other spiders because if you kill boss then the spiders go away right after.

5) When done… Press  return to closest field and turn in commission.

6) Repeat steps 2-5  two to three more times..

7)Return to town, sell the pouches or w/e u picked up(not crudes) and go back to step one till your desired level

It’s really easy beating this dungeon in 3-4 minutes, you just need to know your class somewhat and know what kills monsters the fastest! Warriors can be good here because they have dash (faster). Acro’s are good here because they are quick. Ele’s for aoe. Other classes are meh here since they don’t kill as fast as the above (unless you have good armor :p )

Here’s me clearing the dungeon in like 3 minutes.

You should get a level up every 30-45 min or so… Maybe an hour tops. Remember, the main objective here is about speed!
Here’s a video of me (my friend is recording me, I’m the one killing

Now you know the secret on how your friends level up so fast.. Get to 24 and be one of them already haha! Good luck leveling my friends!

Credits: Prizzon for recording the video and fataly1 for taking the pics and writing this guide.



Dragon Nest Class Guide by 187ben

What class to choose in Dragon Nest? Cant make up your mind what path to take? Check out this Class guide by 187Ben:

When you reach lv 15, you could go to the class tutor and complete quests for secondary class. Here I will make a detailed introduction about  all the 8 classes in Dragon Nest. Hope it helps you choose the class you wanna be.


Warrior– Sword Master
Advantages: Their attack speed is faster than axes and hammers. Their common attacks will bring stiff effects to monsters. Aside from that, they have many continuous skills, gorgeous combos, strong survival ability in a nest instance and can interrupt monsters’ skill.

Disadvantages: They have a small area of effect and low damage output (Monsters in Dragon Nest have much higher physical defense than magical defense).With all melee skills, sword masters are unable to cope with a group of monsters. Their magical skills cannot deal enough damage, either.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low (High Middle Low)
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars (5 Stars in total)
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 2 Stars (Sword Masters without shields are always the target of the opponent)
Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
Total Stars: 12
Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle

Position in a Group: They are pioneers of a group instead of main damage dealers. Aiding archers and sorceresses, they often assault remote magical monsters. They can even levitate enemies. It is recommended they use physical parry. PK fans can train both physical and magical skills.

Advantages: They have a larger area of effect and higher damage than sword masters in melee combats. Owning buffs and stiff effects, they cannot be knocked down easily. Additionally, they are strong in both Single PK and Group PK with rich combined skills.

Disadvantages: Like sword masters, they cannot deal enough damage while challenging maps alone. They have less damage than archers and sorceresses, fewer continuous skills, slower attack speed, more difficult combos and weaker survival ability than sword masters.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 3 Stars
Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
Total Stars: 13
Popularity in Teaming up: middle

Position in a Group: They mainly differ from sword masters in Group PK. A good mercenary is like a sharp blade inserting the rear of enemies. Working with paladins, they disturb the rear and hold off damage dealers freely. Their buffs and debuffs can also take effect in Group PK.

Archer- Acrobat
Advantages: Their agile manipulation and nimble moves can be felt through jumps and attacks at the beginning of the game. They have the most counter-escape skills, splendid combo skills and strong survival ability in map challenge and Group PK. Their acceleration skills (Speed up attack and skill-casting) are awesome to a group while challenging a map. They even have the highest critical strike rate when their agility reaches a high level.

Disadvantages: Compared with Bow Masters, they deal less damage and have a smaller area of effect. They are easily interrupted while releasing spells and attacks as a result of their long range. They are a class mainly depending on equipment and controls, because they have few damaging and diversionary skills. Good equipment can compensate for little damage, while bad equipment nearly doesn’t cause any damage.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Low-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
Single PK: 5 Stars
Group PK: 3 Stars
Challenging Nest: 3 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: Middle

Position in a Group: Similar to Elemental Lords, most of their skills are melee ones, which are effective in the face of a single boss. In the later stage, if they have good equipment, they can also deal massive damage in challenging maps as well as a single boss. With high maneuverability and variability, they are a class that can be strengthened by equipment and controls.

Advantages: They deal the highest damage in the early stage. Their puncture and AOE attacks together with long range allow players to enjoy the excitement of dealing massive damage and handle a PK easily. In the later period, their DPS is almost equivalent to Elemental Lords’. They also take the role of containing a boss’ hatred.

Disadvantages: Although bow masters have good skills, easy controls and excel at map challenge and PK, they don’t have any counterattack skills, so they cannot fight back as long as enemies get close. If they are encircled by a group of enemies, they are bound to die. As it takes them a long time to cast physical skills, they are easily assaulted. In comparison with other classes, they have lower HP and physique, thus they need good equipment.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 3 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 16
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: They can be considered as movable cannons with lasting high damage in the rear of a group. They are responsible for stimulating a boss’ hatred, because they deal massive damage and are far from the boss. It is safer for them to do that. It is recommended that they transfer to the magical school after they get excellent equipment.

Sorceress- Element Lord
 Advantages: They have the highest DPS in Dragon Nest. A strong elemental lord means a DPS dealer in instance. Having various slowdown and debuff skills, they can deal with various classes. They are an entertaining class with a variety of combined skills. They are also main DPS dealers in Group PK, their flash dodge and forceful flash dodge help them run away from a battlefield quickly.

Disadvantages: They have a short attack range and most of their skills are melee ones, so they are required to possess stronger controls and consciousness than melee classes. Having weak survival ability, they are more likely to attract bosses if they don’t control hatred well. Additionally, they have few dodge and escape skills, they may die easily.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 4 Stars
Single PK: 4 Stars
Group PK: 4 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 16
Popularity in Teaming up: Upper-middle

Position in a Group: They are placed in an awkward position. Regardless of PK or challenging maps, they should stand in the rear, but they have to get close to enemies to cast skills and control DPS output. Briefly, they should slower the opponent from the rear and seize an opportunity to move forward and deal damage. Players can gain pleasure from both melee and magical combats. It is recommended that they pay main attention to fire element and take ice element as the secondary one. Elemental lords are not as powerful as Bow Masters even if they have a good command of the ice element.

Sorceress- Force User
Advantages: They have a variety of diversionary skills which can be cast upon bosses in a nest, in addition to a large area of effect. Therefore, force users are the most popular with groups while challenging a large nest. Their MP recovery skill is in demand most. Furthermore, their time-pause skill can be a decisive factor in Group PK.

Disadvantages: Although force users cause massive damage in challenging maps. Their ability in Single PK is not strong enough. More often than not, they often avoid frontal conflict, and escape until the opponent is in cooldown, only at that time do they release skills. However, if two sides run away, the PK will end in a draw unlimitedly.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 3 Stars
Group PK: 5 Stars
Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
Total Stars: 18
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: No matter in map challenge or Group PK, they act as controllers and damage dealers. At present, most groups need force users, especially their MP recovery skill. Thus, they take the role of helping recovering MP in the later stage.

Cleric- Priest
Advantages: Priests are the only class capable of mastering various healing skills, boosting attack and defense and removing diverse debuffs. Meanwhile, they can use another kind of power- Light Element by worshiping Light God, so they also have DPS output. Moreover, they have high defense and physique, parry skill and strong survival ability, so they can challenge the Abyss instance on their own.

Disadvantages: All of their skills are used to recover HP and buff. Therefore, they will let players down in Single PK. However, in Group PK, they can do nothing but help recover HP and cast holy aurora or anything else.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: Upper-middle
Challenging Maps in Group: 5 Stars
Single PK: 2 Stars
Group PK: 2 Stars
Challenging Nest: 5 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: High

Position in a Group: They are famous for aiding. Naturally, they will take on the role of assistants. Find a proper position and seize an opportunity to cast holy aurora, they will also deal massive damage. Note that priests should dedicate to aiding skills, or else nobody will team them up. Please invite priests to your group as frequently as possible, after all you will lose lives easily without them. Priests are indeed a selfless class.

Advantages: They are a melee class having the best defense and physique, the most parry skills, unique invincible skills, high damage, a healing skill, the strongest survival ability and the fastest attack speed. In Group PK, they can pin down 2-3 enemies and launch counterattacks in the enemy rear. They can also deal with various opponents and keep alive in a Single PK.

Disadvantages: They are deficient in AOE skills and are easy to levitate enemies. They are not popular in challenging maps except exploring a nest. It is a bit boring to train paladins in the beginning. They are short of diversionary and chase skills. Fighting against them is more likely to end in a draw, unless you are very strong.

Ability of Challenging Abyss Alone: High
Challenging Maps in Group: 3 Stars
Single PK: 3 Stars
Group PK: 4 Stars
Challenging Nest: 4 Stars
Total Stars: 14
Popularity in Teaming up: Low-middle
Popularity in Nest Exploration and Nest of High Difficulty: High

Position in a Group: Don’t punch monsters randomly while challenging a map in a group. They have the ability to resist bosses. They are a nightmare for enemies in Group PK, for they often hobble enemies and disturb their rear. They are advised to lay stress on defensive skills in the later period. 


Dragon Nest Weapon Crafting Guide by MythChrist

Check out this Dragon Nest Weapon Upgrading/Crafting Guide by MythChrist:

About weapon upgrading/crafting in Dragon nest
In fact, there are not any certain guides or techniques about crafting. It is easy to add from +1 to +6, course we only need to provide materials, don’t need to worry about losing the good crafted weapon/gear, so i will not talk this stage. If you want to craft from +6 to +7, from +7 to +8 or more, this thread maybe will help you some. Have to say, it seems everything is set by system, we have to request for good luck, good luck and good luck.
But some experienced players have their own opinions about it, maybe they tried many ways, then conclude one, those tips can be referenced, but they don’t suit for every player, so please notice that this is for your reference only.


How to Craft Weapons after +6 in Dragon Nest

Okay, I will introduce three ways then, first of all, we need to prepare enough crafting materials:
1. Craft a useless weapon/gear (usually it is a +3 one), until it is failed and disappears (we know if we craft a more than +6 item, once it is failed, it will disappear), then craft the targeted weapon/gear which you really want to craft. Some players think, the game has ruined one of my weapons/gears, if it goes on ruining another one, how to let me go on playing?

Tips: If the useless weapon/gear always fails during +3 to +6, which is the easiest stage, stop it, add another weapon/gear from +1 to +3 first, then go on crafting the useless weapon/gear, until it goes to +7 or more and fail, then craft the weapon/gear you want to craft.

2. Craft at an integral point, it just like a lucky time, some players think they will get better luck if craft at an integral point. Of course this method is not so dependable, but sometimes, if someone doesn’t have other methods, all ways he will try.

3. Some players are willing to go to a place where has little players, so that there is not a player will ‘steal’ their luck.

First way is the most suggested way, but it will not always works. Keep a good mentality, although failed, we can still play the game and be successful in the future. Don’t try to craft from +7 to +10 or more in one time, if you succeed at first, go while the going is good, or the last result is losing the good weapon.

At last, hope every player has a good luck in crafting. If you have you own experience about crafting, welcome to add more!



Dragon Nest Crest Guide

Dragon Nest has a lot of interesting ways to improve your character and empower them to become the hero of Legendia. Dragon Nest’s Crest system is one of these, you will need a guide to properly harness the power of Crests. Your DN characters have many Crest slots that are unlocked as they level up.

There are 2 types of Crest slots in DragonNest, Enhancement and Skills, which are unlocked at the following levels:

Level 10 Enhancement
Level 14 Enhancement
Level 16 Skill
Level 18 Enhancement
Level 22 Enhancement
Level 24 Skill
Level 26 Enhancement
Level 30 Enhancement
Level 32 Skill
Level 34 Enhancement
Level 38 Enhancement
Level 40 Skill

Now to get the Crests to fill those slots, you will need to find Plates in your journeys with various names assigned to them such as these:

Now that you have the plates, it’s time to take them to your favorite local Crest maker.

Select (Craft Crest), right click on the desired plate and then select the option you would like, to create your ideal Crest. Here you can see, given the same skill Crest, there are two choices to improve it: damage increase or cooldown reduction.

Once done, you will now have an item you can insert into your free Crest slot. It is very easy to overlook the Crest section of your character development, but do not underestimate their importance! If you’re lucky, even a single Crest can increase your HP by 900 and that is a big boost especially at the early levels.

Source: MyDragonNest

dragon nest video level guide

DragonNest – Fast Level up Guide 1-24 OBT

Check out this Dragon Nest Level Up Video Guide by AltusCogiteGaming

DragonNest – Fast Level up Guide Text Format

dragon nest video level guide

Well the 1st chapter of the main story will carry you to level 13ish or 12 in under a few hours. Make sure to do the majority of these on easy/normal to reduce time spent. You will find soloing these dungeons will be more worth your time as you do not have to wait around for party members to ready and go back to town. Remember to take up and do all/most of the sidequests along the way, as those will help you level as well as check commissions board for every dungeon.

this can be a little tedious, but you should level to 14 by just finishing up every side quest you have. Make sure to accept commissions as well as returning to field if you want to do another quest nearby.

This is a specific commission that is the best to farm. Temple of sleepers commissions, you will eventually be left with the masters one which is repeatable as much as you want.. giving about 20k EXP in 5 minutes if you do it with a partner/party. Also your job advancement gives out a large amount of exp and should bring you from 0% to 50% on level 15.

This is where you get to do the main story line again. Do however you want at this point, these dungeons are were you get good drops, use your own judgement. I recommend grinding down on easy mode or normal, this is what I did with SoPro and we got through the story in under an hour almost as well as hit level 18. Do commisions with all quests, if you need to grind out level from anywhere 16+ all you have to do is commission from here on out.

Now once you hit 18 you are free to do many things. What i going to get these level for you fast is doing commissions over and over and over again. This might take some time for 24 but it is the fastest way. You can focus on other thing if you want too such a rare items, crafting. Remember once you do a repeatable commision, try your best to return to field and just restart the dungeon and do it again for 30 more k exp. Alot of the commisions give anywhere from 20-40k and that is not including the exp you get in dungeon.

Commission for Sanctuary Nexus Master. This dungeon goes by extremely fast with party/partner and you can finish it and get a good amount of exp to level a well a 37500 from the commission. This dungeon also gives alot of drops you can sell to the market.

dragon nest obt

Dragon Nest SEA Open Beta: New Features!

Dragon Nest OBT News: Lagendia will officially open its doors on 16 August 2011, 14:00HRS (GMT +8). Start your journey with new features and contents in the Open Beta Test!


Players encountering “The password is too short.” error:
– Use your email address to log into Dragon Nest SEA.
– Change your default Game Login ID to 6 characters or more.

dragon nest obt

+ Guild System
Forge your own community with the Guild System and take down formidable enemies in the dungeons. Start off with a basic guild of 20 members and recruit more as your guild level increases!

+ Trading House
Calling all budding entrepreneur! Trade and sell your gears and precious items in the Trading House and soon you will be on the road to riches! You never know what bargains you can get in the Trading House.

+ Affinity System
Build up your friendship with NPCs in town to receive exclusive rewards and discounts when you patronize their services! Psst, it’s not a bad idea to start befriending your friendly neighborhood Blacksmith and Merchant!

+ Cash Shop
Accessorize and customize yourself in Lagendia’s latest fashion gears!
* More inventory bags and storage space; a must have for aspiring adventurers.
* Trade rare and epic gears with the Stamp Seals!
* Discounted beginner packages for a limited time period only!