Tech & Gadgets now has an iOS App, a local Philippine toy and collectible shop, now has an iOS App. Download it for free at the link below: Download Link: The GreattoysOnline app also has paypal […]

Smart launches multi-band LTE

[PRESS RELEASE 04 Sept 2012] Wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) today scored another first in network and customer experience superiority as it extended its pioneering LTE commercial service into […]

Google Play

In it’s attempt to revamp the Android Marketplace and its other media outlets, Google has introduced Google Play. It is a rebranding but what is imporant here is the better […]


SMART Telecommunications will be offering their latest and fastest broadband service called Smart 4G LTE sometime in 2012! We got our hands on an early unit of the Smart LTE […]

Smart Sun Dual Plan 549


Introducing the SMART-SUN Dual Plan 549! Enjoy the power of both networks in your hands. This new combo plan from Smart and Sun combines the features of Smart Plan 349 […]

SMART iPhone 4S Launch Date

SMART has announced the public launch date of the Apple iPhone 4S to be on December 16, 2011. Website users are redirected to for a sign up sheet for […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Samsung has just stunned me with their new Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus that is powered by 1.2GHz dual core processor, has Adobe Flash support and HSPA+ connectivity. The old Samsung […]

Smart Bro Rocket Review

Smart Bro Rocket is the fastest mobile broadband prepaid service in the Philippines and is running on SMART Communications’ nationwide HSPA+ (Evolved High-Speed Packet Access) network. Installation Installation of the […]

Globe Cloudfone Ice (Huawei U8500)

globe cloudfone ice

In an apparent bid to “counter” SMART’s awesome Netphone 701 and it’s new SMARTNET service, Globe is reportedly releasing an android phone called Cloudfone Ice (some say it’s spelled Cloudphone) […]

I Want a Samsung Galaxy Note

Unveiled at Germany’s IFA 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Note is Samsung’s newest phone (yes, it is not a tablet). The Samsung Galaxy Note sports a stunning 5.3? Super AMOLED display […]

Chinese Gadget Girls

Let’s see how some chinese companies sell their latest and greatest tech gadgets to the male demographic: Having barely clothed pretty, cute, sexy females model with your product is an […]

Apple’s new Netbook

Apple Netbook fever is running rampant on the web when a report from China Times stated that several Taiwanese manufacturers have begun producing components for a forthcoming Apple netbook set […]

Google Chrome OS

Google announces a new OS called Google Chrome OS. So, what exactly is Google Chrome OS? Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be […]

Steampunk USB Key

Steampunk fans finally have the USB fit for their lifestyle: Carved from wood and utilizing pieces from at least 6 different pocket watches (some over 100 years old!), the designer, […]

Apple Iphone 3GS

Apple’s newest iPhone 3GS has pumped itself up with more robust graphics and a faster network connection when it hits on June 19, 2009 for $200 to $300, the company […]

MSI Wind Version 2.0

The successor to the first MSI Wind netbook/UMPC is due to hit U.S. stores for the holiday season. The specifications are as follows: * CPU: 1.6GHZ Intel Atom * Graphics: […]

Google Chrome

Google announced Chrome, its new Web browser project, via a 38-page comic book. According to the Chrome comic, drawn by acclaimed comic artist and writer Scott McCloud, the upcoming opensource […]

Acer Predator

Meet Acer’s ridiculous gaming PC called the Acer Predator. Sure, the specs are OK (Intel Core 2 Extreme, Nvidia nForce 780i SLI, 8GB memory) – Ok there’s awesome! – but […]

Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2

Whoa. Check out these pics of Nvidia’s GeForce videocard 9800GX2 hitting the intarwebs. OMFG it’s HUGE. I think you will need a nuclear reactor for a PSU for this one. […]

ATI Radeon 3800 Reviews

ATI Radeon 3800 Reviews as compiled by [H]Enthusiast. Does it bring ATI back into the graphics card race after Nvidia’s 8800 series (8800GTX and 8800GT) juggernaut? How does it compare […]

AMD Spider Platform

Presenting AMD’s Spider Platform. Images shown are from an AMD quad Crossfire Spider system. Spider is based on AMD’s quad-core Phenom processor, the company’s RD790 chipset and a pair of […]

Nvidia 8800GT reviews

Gamers, are you looking for your next best “performance for the buck” video card? Look no further than Nvidia’s 8800GT, promising GTX like performance with a midrange price. I can […]

Apple iPod Touch Review

Apple Ipod Touch Review by PC Mag BottomLine With an excellent interface and elegant design, the iPod touch is simply the best portable media player ever made. Pros Beautiful multi-touch […]

Google eats up Youtube

You might have heard about this tiny news, Google buys/acquires/gobbles up Youtube and further solidifies its lineup of products (although consolidation is another matter). Sounds like Microsoft’s Strategy to me: […]

A new Ipod..again….

Apple just unveiled their new Video ipod. If you bought an Ipod Mini or Shuffle the last 3 mos, you were screwed because the Nano is a much better purchase. […]

Apple screws Ipod Mini users

Well, looks like Apple’s updating their iPod starting lineup—welcome the iPod nano (and wave goodbye to the mini, which is now missing from Apple’s page after they announced it going […]

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