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Doctor Strange #1


Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme has a new comic series out after Secret Wars and it’s called (what else?) Doctor Strange. The 1st issue is sort of a quick introduction to the […]

Date A Live

Itsuka Shido is a high school boy who, on the last day of the spring holidays, witnesses an explosion that destroys the town with a mysterious girl in armor appearing […]

Macross Frontier 7

Forces from Macross Frontier have intercepted the Vajra that have attacked Macross Galaxy while Sheryl has started her farewell concert in Frontier. Alto is part of the SMS contingent sent […]

Soul Eater 3

Soul Eater Episode 3 features another Meister named Death the Kid, who is actually Shinigami-sama’s son and has a obsession (OCD) with everything being perfect and symmetrical. His two weapons […]

Soul Eater 2

Soul Eater Episode 2 begins where the epilogue from episode 1 left off with Black Star and Tsubaki attempting to assasinate a crime lord’s mansion. The odds are against them […]

Nabari no Ou

Nabari no Ou or roughly translated as “The Ruler of Nabari” is a new anime that involves Ninjas, Action and the supernatural. Rokujou Miharu was just a normal boy living […]

Macross Frontier

Finally! Macross Frontier will be shown on a regular basis on Japanese television after a one episode teaser release a couple of months ago. Macross Frontier is the successor to […]

Persona Trinity Soul Anime

Persona -trinity soul- (ペルソナ トリニティ・ソウル, Perusona Toriniti Sōru?) is a Japanese anime TV series. It is the sequel to the PlayStation 2 game Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3, taking place […]

Mai-Otome Zwei

From Anidb: “It has been half a year since the threat of the Harmonium was defeated and each Otome has gone to chase her respective dream. The Pearl Otome Irina […]


Karas from The old Karas is dead , killed by an evil ex-Karas who now named himself Ekou. He started a series of murders against the humanity by making […]