NCSoft acquires Ntreev Soft

Korean games developer/publisher NCsoft has acquired fellow developer Ntreev Soft after 7 months of negotiations with previous owner SK Telecom, taking over 76% share of the firm said to be valued at KRW108 billion(US$96.7M).

Ntreev Soft has been a casual games powerhouse having released the popular online golf game Pangya and an online horse racing game Alicia’s NCsoft has been known as a strong hardcore MMORPG company with Lineage, Lineage 2, Aion, Blade&Soul, and Guild Wars 2.

NCsoft is said to been looking forward to this deal as it had a hard time with its past casual online games such as Toy Strikers, Exteel, Point Blank, Atrix, Dragonica, and Punch Monster. Ntreev ‘s addition into the NCSoft family immediately bolsters NCSoft’s casual games pedigree.


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