Bounty Hounds Online Philippines


Bounty Hounds Online is the newest online game to be published by Playweb Games / Level Up! Philippines, source documents show. Bounty Hounds is a free to play sci-fi MMORPG that features 5 Classes to choose from: Trooper, Bioengineer, Scientist, Agent,and Artillery with 3 pet classes: Melee,Ranged and Tank.


You will join one of four different Private Military Companies which have their own goals and hidden agendas. As a mercenary you are free to choose a company that suits your own policies. As a member of one of the unique companies, you can choose unique looks for your mercenary as well. The four PMCs are: Aurora, Corona, Nucleo and Umbra. Yes, PVP will be a main feature of the game.

Bounty Hounds Online

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