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StarCraft II Closed Beta Launches This February

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This time, Starcraft fans, its for real! The StarCraft II beta is scheduled to begin this month!!! Activision Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced today during a company earnings call that the closed beta CBT of the highly-anticipated real-time strategy game will launch this month.


The Starcraft 2 beta will be offered in North America, Europe, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and, of course, South Korea. Morhaime said the beta would be accessible by thousands of players and used to gather feedback and generate excitement. Hopefully, Pinoys will also have access to the SC2 beta!

Starcraft II has been in development for a number of years. The original Starcraft was launched in 1998. Starcraft 2 is scheduled to launch in mid-2010. Say goodbye to your social life…

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