MMORPG: Soul Cry


OD Games, a newly established game developer in Korea, has just announced its hybrid MMORPG called Soul Cry.

According to Mr. Park, a representative from OD Games, the “one-to-many” action style striving for striking and control feel has become a common thing in the current online game industry. Attempting to differentiate itself from the competition, Soul Cry promises “intelligent combat” with strategic focus. With the pure killing-themed combats abandoned and via the weak point system, opposition system and high intelligence system, Soul Cry tries to bring some badly needed innovations in the MMO genre.

Soul Cry will be set in 10 cities that are based on Tree of Life featured in the global myth. Dungeons with the theme of Tree of Life will be introduced in the various cities, where players fight to unlock the world’s secrets and protect their respective races. In this game, players are allowed to choose from among 12 races including the Vampire, Dragon, Elf, Human and Cyborg.


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