Modern Warfare 2 Teaser Trailer

First ingame footage of Modern Warfare 2!

The short clip showed several scenes, including an airfield fracas in the cold (with one soldier flipping another to the ground) and an underwater mission. No, not a mission in a sub, but one both in and out of a small submersible. Also shown was a firefight on snowmobiles with the action cutting at one point to a first-person view of character driving down a snow-covered mountain. The footage can best be described as the coolest looking G.I. Joe game ever. No, really, it looked like scenes from the classic cartoon re-imagined for Activision’s brutal and bloody modern war.

Though each scene appears much brighter and more vibrant than Infinity Ward’s last Call of Duty title, there are going to be some old throwbacks. The final few seconds of the new trailer show a familiar scene from what appears to be an AC-130 gunship. If that’s not ringing a bell, just think back to the mission in the original Modern Warfare where you picked off enemies from the clouds in an air support vehicle. That was an AC-130 gunship.

Video by Kotaku and text by IGN

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