Valerie Concepcion Maxim January 2009

Valerie Concepcion in Maxim Philippines January 2009 Issue. Filipina Actress/TV Host Valerie Concepcion returns to Maxim’s front cover after being a Maxim covergirl in February 2007.

Valerie Concepcion Maxim pic after the jump.

Ms. Valerie Concepcion in Maxim January 2009 cover.


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Edgarocs says:

Add====Valerie Sandra Seifert Concepcion ka na ngayon, Valerie(Sandra na naman?!)sa cover mong iyan.====Theme song==”Inner smile” by Texas====”Ugly Girl” by Miki Hahn(Maike Evers code connect)====Theme song sa “The Serpent And The Rainbow”(with her and her pose)====To be continued====….