Michelle Bayle FHM Philippines

Michelle Bayle posing in FHM Philippines is one of those things that i forgot to post on this blog. A filipina actress, Michelle Bayle seems to be quite popular online, especially her FHM PH Magazine stint.

Michelle Bayle
Birthdate: November 27, 1980
Height: 5’5
Weight: 110 lbs

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Michelle Bayle FHM Philippines


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Mark213_demon123 says:

so hott

skeed says:

Hi Miss Bayle,

Honestly I would like to know you better. ^_^

melroh says:

you are a gorgeous angel michelle.

jeremy says:


can i invite you for a date?

Angle says:

hi michelle you4 so beautif7l, can you send me more pictures of you pleaae am collectin em;

jeff says:

hi michelle your so beautiful, can you send me more pictures of you please am collectin em

BUBOY says:

hi its me again…… how can i see u personally?

BUBOY says:

Wow beautiful…more pixs pls….

michelle says:

how can i send my pics to you personally?

lloyd says:

michelle, pls send me more picture of you on my email co’z im collecting your pictures and i place it on my rooms wall..tnx.