3 thoughts on “Nozomi Sasaki – Red Bikini

  1. A quotation from yours: “Nozomi Sasaki was born on February 19, 1983 and is a female Japanese voice actress from Kanagawa, Japan.”

    To remind you mildly of miscomprehension, the one to whom you were referring // a different Nozomi be she. : – )

    La belle Nozomi whose beauty shines upon us were born so well in year 1988, to the world and our grand delight. : – D

    Quoi qu’il en soit, the pix here are all delicious (beautiful).

    Merci bien, my good friend.

    From: A Well-Versed Fan of this Angel.

  2. there is jav idol Kaede Fuyutsuki who looks just like her
    [nope you wont be getting free links this time bub]

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