RR Enriquez in Maxim Philippines June 2008

Nope this is not RR Enriquez and her topless calendar pics. Wowowee’s RR Enriquez is the cover of Maxim Philippines June 2008. More info about RR Enriquez and images and pictures as it becomes available.

RR Enriquez was also a contestant in The Next White Castle Girl contest. rr enriquez

9 thoughts on “RR Enriquez in Maxim Philippines June 2008

  1. everybody has a dark secret no matter what happens to you most models are and we haveto accept that liberatedly
    without twist life ios to boring

  2. ur cute….,,,,wag mo slang pansinin..go gurlll!!!!!!hanga me sau coz nagpapakita ka ng totoo,,,,,,,,,luv u

  3. Rr kip up d gud w0rk.malau mara2ting m0h.stay sweet nd l0vely.PLEASE SND ME UR LATEST PICS.TAKE CARE.L0VE U RR.

  4. sabi niya, na photoshop daw… well, no one buys it… talagang ganyan ang mga models, may mga skeletons in the closet… wala na tayong magagawa kundi aminin na lang…

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