Acer Predator

Meet Acer’s ridiculous gaming PC called the Acer Predator.

Acer Predator

Sure, the specs are OK (Intel Core 2 Extreme, Nvidia nForce 780i SLI, 8GB memory) – Ok there’s awesome! – but what i really want is that #&#%@* case that looks like it is gonna transform in any minute.

It actually does open up according to report but i wouldn’t be surprised to a cannon or two suddenly popping out from underneath that over the top exterior.

I WANT ONE!!!!! or two….

One main caveat: Acer’s motto of “Faster, Deeper, Harder, Further” isn’t usually used when talking about PC hardware but some other uhm adult related entertainment. =)


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trebs says:

sweet… better if it actually transforms in to a laptop. i wonder what the wallet damage would be.