Capcom talks Resident Evil 5


Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi talks about the upcoming game from Capcom with Famitsu. He tackles how light and dark makes this the best Resident Evil, Why Chris Redfield was chosen to headline this new game, Why they chose africa as the setting, and what kinds of weaponry will you be using to defend yourself with.

He also mentions the release of a Resident Evil 5 CG movie and plans to shed light on each character’s backgrounds. Resident Evil 5 Video after the jump.

View the full Resident Evil 5 video interview here

Japan’s Famitsu magazine recently conducted a video interview with Jun Takeuchi, the producer of Resident Evil 5, and we now have the video complete with English subs for your viewing pleasure! In addition to the interview, the video include a brief introduction into the history of the Resident Evil series, many first-ever shots of actual gameplay, and also includes some behind the scenes development sneak peeks.

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  1. heres a pinoy gaming site! theres a review about RE5 here:

    Kiven says: “RE5 Review? Cmon, dude. It aint even out yet. If you want some real link lovin then you better try harder than that…”

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