Playboy Magazine here in the Philippines?

Playboy Philippines is allegedly launching the magazine this April 2008 targeting “Class A” readers. Waw, Class A. That means two things for me: 1) its damn expensive 2) sosy ang mga magazine content covers nito. 3) Pag nagbasa ka nito, sosy ka din. I might need to add the NSFW tag once the inaugural playboy issue comes out. Plus censor boxes. lots and lots of censor boxes…

6 thoughts on “Playboy Magazine here in the Philippines?

  1. new chismis about Playboy. The Hef heard & saw that it was so bad… he had all the issues pulled out.

    anybody out there who can confirm this?

  2. heard more inside chismis.

    Priscilla hated the original “Black Mamba Team” that did the photography. it was just a bunch of “feeling-photographer-fellows” who thought that they were good enough to do a magazine shoot.

    But they were idiots and Priscilla was super disappointed. she specifically fixed up the famous SECOND SHOOT (on her own! go girl!) with a better and competent and REAL team. she told the staff of Playboy Philippines not to use any of the shots from the first shoot. but lo and behold… they still used the cooking magazine cover option. She was really pissed but gave up.

    Poor Priscilla.

  3. me and my friends saw a copy of the 2nd Playboy Philippines…

    much better! i guess Beting & friends finally got their act together.

    cover girl is Raquel Gibson. one of the Fil-Am international covergirls before. thank god the cover is finally a full body shot! it’s a shot of her on a bangka SS Raquel. much better.

    although i still didn’t buy it… so i have no idea how the inside looks like. anybody out there seen the inside?

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