Mariana Del Rio – Scandal?


I’m getting a lot of incoming traffic for Mariana Del Rio, the brazilian model who has a rumored affair with Cesar Montano.

Is there a new one scandal involving mariana by the media outlets? Why the rapid surge in mariana del rio searches?


Update: Now i know what triggered the surge, Mariana Del Rio on the Buzz talking about Cesar Monatano and his rumored separation from wife Sunshine Cruz. Watch the video here

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6 thoughts on “Mariana Del Rio – Scandal?

  1. Hi! ate MARIANA I really idolized you for being such a beautyful woman and for being strong in figthing those nonsense issue. I know for sure

  2. she’s beautiful

    watch more of her and her controversial sex video with hayden kho here

    *link removed due to possible legal issues*

    hinayhinay lang po sa panonood!

  3. hayden was so lucky to be with this gurl. Ilang taong na ba to?yong specific age kasi sabi nila under age daw. Parang mature kasi sa kama with hayden hehehehe.

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