Christmas is almost here and maybe some of you have already done your shopping while others may still be figuring out what they want or what to give. Some of you may want to splurge on a new PC or a new gadget while others may wanna try a game they never played before. So if you wanna play World of Warcarft but dont know how to do it from our corner of the globe then read on.

World of Warcraft is a MMORPG created by Blizzard Entertainment. You might recognize some of Blizzard’s other games: namely the Diablo , StarCraft, Warcraft series. As of November 2006, WoW has around 7 Million paying customers around the Globe divided into the gaming regions of the US/Oceania, Europe and China. Each regions has their own group of servers and are localized to fit a particular region’s language. In our case, since we speak English, our region is US/Oceania. Accounts created in WoW Europe wont work on other regions so choose your World of Warcraft retail box wisely. Expecially if youre buying through Ebay.

1) You can either buy a retail World of Warcraft box as picture below. Make sure you get the NTSC version as this is for the US region. OR Get a free 10 day trial via OR Ask one of your friends who are current subscribers to invite you for a 10 day trial.


2) Create an account on the World of Warcraft website:


3) READ the terms of agreement and click “I agree” . After that you will need to enter your authentication key. Every retail box of WoW has this, Trial users can enter a temporary key that will expire after the trial. Trial users will then need to pay $15 through a US credit card or purchase a retail box in order to get a full autehtication key.


4) Once your key has been approved, then you can Install the game. WoW comes in 4 CDS ion the standard package while the collector’s edition has a one DVD installer. Good luck finding a collectors edition these days though. IF you find a cheap one, lemme know also. =). The authentication key that comes with the retail box has a 30 days subscription time, so you only need to add game cards after your time expires.

5) Enter your real address. No point being banned by providing false info. Also, you cant change your account details without calling Blizzard so save yourself from potential problems down the road. Note that you cannot use a credit card to pay for game time if it doesnt have a us based billing address, but dont worry you can always top up your account via World of Warcraft game cards. WoW Game cards are available from Datablitz for roughly 40USD (roughly 2000 Pesos) for 60 day game cards. Note that you might find cheaper sources for retail boxes and game cards on Ebay. Ask if they can email the authentication code or card code as shipping the item will just make it more expensive.

6) Run World of Warcraft so that it can update itself to the latest patch. or Download the latest full standalone patch over at Once the game has been updated, Login to a server of your choice and enjoy the game. You might to read through the official WoW forums or through the official World of Warcraft Game Guide for more in depth info about the game.


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