Maxim Philippines Issue 1

maximph ish 1

WTF. Angelica Panganiban on Maxim Philippines’ Maiden Issue. Call me bangag but I thought the headline that read “Extreme Threat to National Security” referred to Angelica’s photoshoot….

EDIT: This post alone more than quadrupled my average traffic for the day. whoa. As Randy Jackson might say: “We got a hot one err… post right here!”. Ill try to put up some Angelica Panganiban Maxim scans when i get ’em.

UPDATE: Maxim Philippines Issue 1 Featuring Angelica Panganiban Magazine Scans now Online

UPDATE: Kaye Abad Maxim Cover Girl

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60 thoughts on “Maxim Philippines Issue 1

  1. Yung promise mo’ng SCANS, ha? Bossing wag kalimutan… The sooner the better, hehehe. Certified eye-popper!

  2. I still cant get hold of a copy mga bro hehehe, will try harder. dont worry, ill still post the pages here when someone else scans them first. =)

  3. she’s one of my fav talga, one of those beautiful faces i’d ever since sa abscbn, hehehe, wlang fake, sexy !

  4. WOW! post ka na ng scans ASAP! PLease!!!! on second thought, I’ll surely buy the issue tomorrow, so you can take your time. hehe.

  5. She’s one of the few young actresses I’ve been waiting in vain to pose sexy in one of the popular magazines around the world. Sa wakas, natupad din yong matagal ko ng inaasam. Thanks heavens…uhh sarap. sana me mag-scan at i-post dito.

  6. Hanggang cover lang yung matinong picture! Basura naman ang lahat ng nasa loob. Not worth buying. Kung magpapasexy sya sana naman tinodo o dinamihan na nya. Nakakabitin. Lahat pa nung ibang models unknowns.

  7. sabi ko nga b bibigay din yan eh…..salamat ke carlo pinayagan nya….yung bida sa calla lily…hehehe

  8. if u want ur mag to sell like a hotcake like fhm, i suggest u get kris aquino in ur cover as in sexy pose!

  9. bro sino yung photographer or any contacts? i want a big print of the cover photo. SHE’S DANG HOT!

  10. i hav read sa phil. daily inquirer na edited na daw yong boobs nya sa magazine, pinaliitan na daw yon accdg to maxim’s Apa, ibig sabihin, mas malaki pa tal;aga dun yong sa totoo…i already hav a copy of it,medyo bitin lang kasi konti yong photos but ok na rin..she’s a wow pa rin!

  11. Angelica should be mine no matter what her parents would want for her. I am just waiting for the right time but i got a good catch of her and make her body exclusively mine in bed. No father, No mother but just ME, CARLO AQUINO.

    I love you Honey!

  12. i like angel but i don’t think bagay sa knya na mgpa-daring kac angel na nga yung face but don’t wori i have a frend who lovez to see u on sexy pictorials. Basta kng san ka masaya, suportahan tka. From: ILOGIRL

  13. hoy!!!!!!! mga guys hanggang pangarap lang kau c angel ay para lang kay carlo ok???? anong d bagy? bagya cla nao? kaya angel – carlo takaga ako ang ganda mo angel super sexy a anghel ang ganda mo i wis kau tlaga noi carlo i wil olwys suport uan carlo

  14. i want to see the other girl.maryjane davey.shes in the issue too.pls scan it .tnx.

    shes was featured first in l.a. lingerie section magazine.


  15. ang ganda talaga ni angelica panganiban lalo na ang hinahaharap…. gusko ng kagaya nya na maging kaibigan at maka date…

  16. maxim philippines’ maiden issue was a frustration … it never came close to my expectation…grabe palpak ung nag iinterview ang gulo ng thoughts niya di ko makuha as to where he or she wants the conversation lead…at young isang model na foreigner ang dumi niya para lang nagpulot ng nagsusunbathing better make drastic adjustments or else pupulutin kayo sa kangkungan

  17. For MAXIM PHILIPPINES Subscription, you can call ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. at direct line 632-4152852 and look for Joena Cabrera.

    Subscription is 25% less the cover price and we award
    Free Flight 168 SPA GC worth P2,500.00 for the first 20 2-year subscribers

    Call us now!


  18. hanep!!!
    totoo bang nag post c carlo aquino ng comment sa website nA TO?
    carlo aquino
    July 17th, 2006

    | 8:10 pm
    Angelica should be mine no matter what her parents would want for her. I am just waiting for the right time but i got a good catch of her and make her body exclusively mine in bed. No father, No mother but just ME, CARLO AQUINO.

    I love you Honey!

    ITO nga un eh… i post it to prove na totoo nga…
    well, kung totoo to… di na pla virgin c angelica?

  19. sayang ung angelica panganiban and the succeding issues, ang ganda ng mga babaeng ito, but may malaki problema, ung printing, malayong malayo sa standards. quality is so very bad. advantage lang ng maxim phils. may abs-cbn silang pwedeng mag promote and gawing sensational, para appealing sa buyers.

  20. If Angelica had chosen to pose to for FHM maybe then she could have landed as FHM 2007 sexiest woman. And i know she will be treated that well unlike in MAXIM.
    Maybe the thought of being the first and pionner to cover the mag trigger her decision but then like what i’ve said what difference will it make if she simply pose in FHM rather in MaXIM?

  21. c ANGEL ang bgong PNK-magandandang hayop s blat ng lupa..nilampaso c gloria & ruffa. kung mapunta k s iba ok na k Carlo huwag k derek ramsey(d29). at least c carlo baka kmgank ko pa. make d best dcsion, Angel!Mag madre k n lng kya? Tabla ang machong noypi!

  22. hey..when are you coming out with isabel granada as your cover girl.?she is pretty and sexy..a lot of her fans are waitng..and my wife is filipina and we both like her singing and acting..wish to see more of her ..starting in your famous mag.thanks.

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