The Playstation 3 and n00bs.

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Finally, first images of the PS3 debuted at this years E3 convention. Start drooling and be prepared to be eating noodles again.

Someone just posted a rather late reply to one of my hunter rants wayyyy back in february. get a life kiddo. learn to read too. it might help you someday.

and in the very slim chance that youre a mature adult, please send my deepest sympathies to your parents. if they still regard you as one of their own, that is.

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13 thoughts on “The Playstation 3 and n00bs.

  1. galing akong E3 kahapon, mainggit kayo mweheheehhe. nde ko nga lang nakita PS3 kasi “behind closed doors”. daming madanda na chix dun….maganda pa sa games.

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