Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you????

He may not be the most talented wrestler that got slammed on a mat but there is no denying that Hulk Hogan fueled an industry in the 80’s and 90’s in order to get it where it is today. It is only fitting that he be inducted in the 2005 class a night before Wrestlemania XXI, an event where a lot of his most memorable moments (slamming Andre the Giant for example) were made.

‘Grats Hulkster.

Author: Kiven
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21 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you????

  1. lol so grabe that accusation ah.
    me pa bandwagonner bandwagonner ka pang alam ha? is that thai? i think thats crap.hehehe.

    kasalanan ko ba na hinde second rate playahs ang gusto ko?hehehe.

  2. Wrestlemania VI pa rin (or was it V??) yung Hulk Hogan vs Ultimate Warrior na isang oras ata mahigit yung laban. In the end panalo si Warrior tapos kinongratulate pa ni Hulkster.

    Aaaaaa… bandwagonner daw o. Payag ka nun Kevs?

    Ano nga ba yung bandwagonner? :p

  3. kakadownload ko ng match na yun kahapon eheheheh

    di ko den alam eh tanong mo sherwin….di na ma reach yang taong yan eh hehehehee

  4. sila yung “kung sino/ano sikat dun sila”.. parang ganun,, heheh

    kaya nga may term na “jump off the bandwagon” ata yun,,

    ah leche, basta yun na yun.. heheh

    basta ako ultimate warrior fan. pati rin yung tag team dati na kasama si tito santana at si,,, nakalimuta ko na eh,, heheh

  5. LOL, nag-react ka naman,,,
    i’m being sarcastic too bro,, heheh

    at least sikat din yung sa akin,,
    ahh leche, walang pupuntahan ito. uwi ako april 9, antayin mo na lang ako,, heheh
    peace =)

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